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We value speed, flexibility, and scalability just like you. With our multidisciplinary approach, we will use a mix of strategies to collect actionable data based on your specific product and strategic goals. 

Market Research

Market research leverages existing data to expand your understanding of your product and market. TOP can help teams discover new customers, uncover pain points, and identify unique value propositions using market research techniques.


Outcomes:  Market Hypothesis Validation, Value Proposition Discovery, Pain Point Discovery, Competitive Insight

Online Surveys

Your team can validate key customer and business model hypotheses using online surveying. Our methodology is flexible and easy to scale to collect quantitative and qualitative data that is relevant to your product and needs.


Outcomes:  Customer Identification, Value Proposition Validation, Pain Point-Value          Proposition Pairing

Customer Interviews

Customer interviews are a powerful tool for validating pain points and understanding customer purchasing behavior. Learn the opinions, behaviors, and motivations of your target customers to improve your value proposition and business model.  


Outcomes:  Customer Purchasing Behavior Insight/AIDA, Marketing Channel Discovery

Marketing Ad Test

Online advertisement testing not only helps your team learn more about your value proposition, but also helps to establish a baseline understanding of your customer acquisition costs. It is a valuable research activity that can also lead to sales.


Outcomes:  Customer Validation, Value Proposition Validation, Baseline Customer Acquisition Cost

Events & Demos

Strategic events and demos are activities that can be used to discover potential customers, pain points, value propositions, and user feedback.


Outcomes:  Product Feedback, Customer Identification

Strategic Partnerships

We can identify and manage key partnerships in the US. As a strategic partner, our team will act as an on-the-ground representative for your company to fulfill crucial functions.

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